Shoe Repair Service

Anter Shoes is a well-established business providing shoe repairs in Melbourne CBD. We take pride in the quality of our work and are dedicated to offering customer satisfaction.

Reasons to repair your shoes / boots

  • Protectionour non-slip soles will protect your valuable shoes/boots
  • HealthWorn down heels may affect your posture
  • ComfortWe can provide some shoe TLC so you can keep your favourite comfy shoes!
  • InjuryPrevent a head over heels experience
  • QualityWe only use the highest quality European materials
  • SustainabilityLet’s all help reduce our carbon footprint

Repair & Save…

Purchase quality shoes and extend their life through repair and maintenance.

Sustainable Fashion

considers manufacture and disposal

encourages purchase of fewer items of better quality


Fast Fashion

focuses on low cost and low quality

replaces inexpensive items with the next fashion trend

Shoe Repair Supports Sustainable Fashion……

It’s all about the choices we make – both big and small- which impact on our environment.