Who is Anter Shoe Clinic

Anter Shoe Clinic is a well-established business specialising in the Orthopaedic Shoe Clinic and shoe repairs. Servicing Melbourne Metro, Melbourne CBD, Outer Melbourne and Regional Victoria.


Our work on all footwear is completed by our German trained orthopaedic footwear technician, John Anter who completed his certificate at the Max Sahm Institute in Frankfurt. Well-respected and highly qualified, John has over 25 year’s experience in the orthopaedic industry.


Both John and Sharon Anter, are proud owners of Anter Shoe Clinic. “We take pride in our work and are dedicated to offering our customer’s quality and satisfaction.”

Have your Shoes delivered to us!

Need a Shoe repair or adjustment? You can easily have your Shoes delivered to us. We will then repair and have them delivered back to you, contact free.


Book a Live Consultation to discuss any repairs or adjustments you need as well as delivery details and options.

Foot being massaged in a therapy room.

Anter Shoes has the following Accreditation:

  • Member of the orthopaedic footwear association
  • Recognised provider for various health funds
  • Supplier for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)
  • Birkenstock and Campers authorised repairer

Our Happy Clients

Took in a pair of expensive New Rock boots that our lovely doggies had eaten the back out of including one of the buckles and part of the tongue. The repair is so good that my daughter had to ask which one was fixed. Excellent work!
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Richard Laxton
Online review
I couldn’t recommend this place more, it is fantastic. I have taken my shoes to Anter Shoe Clinic (including some expensive pairs – Prada, Bally, Jimmy Choo etc) for repair for about 3 years now, and they do a terrific job,
fast, for a very reasonable price (it should also be noted, to their credit, that the price doesn’t change depending on the value of the shoe). They deserve special praise as I had a green leather jacket that was unwearable as it had some stains on the arm. Every specialist dry cleaners I took it to refused to clean it, saying it was too difficult. Happened to mention this to John when dropping some shoes off and he offered to give it a try himself with leather cleaner – no promises, but he seemed quietly hopeful. One day later he called to say it was ready. It is in perfect condition and they charged me hardly anything – in fact, the price was a full $140 less than I was quoted by a specialist cleaner in South Yarra (and Anter knew what I had been quoted). Didn’t mean to write such a long review but such an excellent business with such honest people needs to be lauded! I won’t take my shoes anywhere else.
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Clare King
Online Review
I took a pair of RM Williams boots that hold a high sentimental value to me to Anter after being told by RMs that there were beyond repair due to a tiny tear in the leather. Anter had one look at them and said there would be no problem with it and they would be able to repair them within the week. After picking the boots up I was amazed at how good they looked, the work on the sole (leather) and the heel was incredibly professional and they even managed to fix the small tear. The boots look brand new. The service as well as the price was fantastic, I will definitely be using Anter again! Could not recommend them any higher!• • •
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Tom Temple
Online review